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The Book Of Computer Free Download PDF 2020

The Authentic Subjects Book Of Computer – Free Download PDF 2020:India competes in supercomputer with China and US: India needs. 
to increase research in artificial intelligence. India’s supercomputer scientist Dr Vijay Bhatkar, who was present as Chief Guest at the 9th Convocation of Gujarat Technological University, said that while some countries, including China and the United States, have been trying to make Exa scale advanced supercomputer, India has also started a mission to make supercomputer. India is also in competition with the United States and China by 3x Cal will create a super computer.
Dr. Vijay Bhatkar, the country’s first supercomputer manufacturer and computer scientist in India, said that India will have to increase its research in areas such as artificial intelligence, supercomputer, cyber security and robotics and there is still a shortage of research in these fields in India.

Besides, subjects like Artificial Intelligence will have to be introduced in technical courses in Higher Education and Diversity will be introduced in Higher Education courses, so that diversity will increase and employment will increase. General Chat Chat Lounge Regarding the development of advanced supercomputer with Exxa Scale Power, Dr. Bhatkar said that the mission of becoming an advanced supercomputer has begun and my team and I have together designed the architecture of the supercomputer.
India will make Exa scale advanced supercomputer using less than 5 MW power by 3. Currently, countries including China, the US, Japan, Russia and Europe are looking to build Exxa Scale supercomputer and China and the US have also started making. India is also competing with countries like China and America.
Yet nosingle country in the world has made the Exa Scale Advanced Super Computer. A missionary has already been launched by the Government of India and it will cost around Rs 10 crore to build this Exa Scale Super Computer.
 If India successfully builds Exxa Scale Supercomputer by 3, then it will be of great help in researching medicines for incurable and fatal diseases like cancer as well as developing integrated health systems. Would greatly benefit. India’s economy is currently the third largest economy in the country and within a few years India will cross the US economy and it believes in America. However, given the rate at which the population is increasing in India, India will overtake China in the population.

What would an Exa Scale supercomputer be like?
Exa Scale supercomputer is an advanced supercomputer capable of counting billions to billions of quintillions in a second. Earlier India created the first supercomputer param 3 in 1, but this computer consumes a lot of power and its mathematics equals 1 zero behind the 5 and so on.
Now the major developed countries of the world, including India, strive to make the Exa Scale supercomputer There is a 1 followed by 18 zero, meaning that Mathematics Figure 1.8 x 1018. Exa scale supercomputer can count more than 1 billion quintillions in a second. The Exa Scale supercomputer will have the same processing power as the Human Brain.

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